This year’s lineup of over 60 speakers, returning vets and newbies alike, are here to deliver an incredible experience for all ShutterFesters! 

SF25 Speakers

Abbie Gowin

Specialty: Brand Photography and Social Media

Adam Goldberg

Specialty: Pet Photography

Alain Martinez

Specialty: weddings, boudoir, IPS

Amber Henry

Specialty: Lighting and posing comprehension

Anderson Marques

Specialty: Wedding

Andre Brown

Specialty: Wedding, Studio Lighting, Maternity

Ayla Quellhorst

Specialty: Marketing & Sales

Barkha Agarwal

Specialty: Maternity Photography

Bethany Ellen

Specialty: Maternity Photography

Brandon Hunter

Specialty: Lighting

Candace Connor

Specialty: Wedding Photography

Cara Jonas

Specialty: Business, Lighting, Posing across seniors, corporate, and boudoir as well as Personal branding in and outside of the photography industry.

Carolina Waldroff

Specialty: Creative Concepts & Branding Portraits

Casey Patrick

Specialty: Lighting, Sales

Cathy Anderson

Specialty: Sportrait and adventure portraits with OCF, client interactions and building trust, sales

Chris Fritchie

Specialty: Fine Art & Themed Sessions

Christine Tremoulet

Specialty: Marketing with the help of AI, Social media, Content Planning

Clay Souza

Specialty: Lighting, Posing, Composition for weddings and portraits

Craig Lamere

Specialty: lighting and posing


Specialty: Marketing, Seniors, Weddings, Lighting

Danielle Chudolij

Specialty: Posing/Portraiture

Dauss Miller

Specialty: Client experience, efficiency/automated systems/efficiency, shoot production.

David Scott Bowles

Specialty: Weddings, Off Camera Flash, AI implement

Dez Merrow

Specialty: Real Estate (Negotiations)

Dorie Howell

Specialty: business and marketing

Douglas Weittenhiller

Specialty: Weddings, Families, Technology

Drew Quizon

Specialty: The Male Form, boudoir

Esteban Gil

Specialty: Weddings, Lighting, Storytelling

Fabio Laub

Specialty: Business, Real Estate Photography and Video

Fernando Ordonez

Specialty: Quinceañeras / Weddings / Portraits

Gary Hill

Specialty: Lighting, Posing, Editing and Workflow

Gary + Kim Evans

Specialty: Weddings, Business, IPS, Lighting

Gretchen Willis

Specialty: Volume Photography

Heather Larkin

Specialty: Kids, lenses, maternity, dance, macro

Isaac Coffy

Specialty: Portraits

James & Apryl Napier

Specialty: Boudoir, Family Sessions, High Volume, Event Photography

Jasmin Jade

Specialty: Boudoir, Emotive Portraits, Post Production, Social Media, Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Products

jeff tisman

Specialty: Weddings

Jeff Rojas

Specialty: Fashion and Portraits

Jen Stitt

Specialty: Workflow, Weddings, Posing, Engagements, Lightroom

Jenn Maesen

Specialty: Boudoir

Jenn Lewis

Specialty: High School Seniors, Business/Sales

Jenny Pollitte

Specialty: Editing

Jeremy Braggs

Specialty: Commercial Fashion Photography

Jess Hess

Specialty: Avant Garde, Conceptual Portraits, Fine Art, and Fantasy

Jesse Rinka

Specialty: Lighting & Posing

Jewels Gray

Specialty: Wedding

Joey Thomas

Specialty: The Business of Photography

Jordan Taylor Bunch

Specialty: Cinematic Lighting

Josh Russell

Specialty: Portraits & Weddings

Josh & Jen Thompson

Specialty: Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing, Wedding Videography, and Commercial Videography

Kelsey Freeman

Specialty: Maternity, newborn, portraits, lighting

Kiamarie Lambert

Specialty: Weddings, Social Media

Kobie & Tyler Langford

Specialty: Seniors

Kristen (Ris) Mittlestedt

Specialty: Creating Enchanting Fantasy Sets and Portraits of Women

Kristin Jones

Specialty: High School Seniors

Kristina McCaleb

Specialty: Food Photography, Work/Life Balance

Laura Dark

Specialty: Conceptual

Mandy Wright

Specialty: Weddings

Marci Worlton

Specialty: Newborn Photography

Margo Franklyn

Specialty: Boudoir

Mark Boughton

Specialty: Boudoir

Mary Vance

Specialty: High school senior photography and videography; business systems and operations

Mena Darré

Specialty: Branding, Content, and Email Marketing

Michael Anthony

Specialty: Weddings, Pets, Business/Marketing

Mike Fox

Specialty: boudoir, seniors, marketing

Montoya Turner

Specialty: weddings, boudoir, lighting, videography, hybrid

Myrna Daramy

Specialty: Organic Growth Marketing, Digital Marketing

Newborn Nerds

Specialty: Newborn + Baby

Ning Wong

Specialty: Weddings, corporate, photo, video

Olivia Smith

Specialty: Boudoir Posing

Pam Fields

Specialty: Erotic Art and Boudoir with couples, men, and women

Rabih Madi

Specialty: Weddings

Rachel Brenke

Specialty: Legal

Rafael Serrano

Specialty: weddings, quinceañeras, social media, business

Raph Nogal

Specialty: Portraits / Lighting / Weddings

Ray Alvarez

Specialty: Lighting, Creative Portraits, Camera settings, Weddings

Ric Lewis

Specialty: Boudoir, maternity, portraiture, beauty, fine art, underwater, retouching, compositing

Roland Scott

Specialty: Lighting techinques, Gels and Photography shoot planning

Russ Turner

Specialty: Portrait and Conceptual Photography

SaDabrie Taylor

Specialty: Real Estate Photography and Videography

Sal Cincotta

Specialty: Marketing & Lighting

Scott Detweiler

Specialty: Boudoir and AI

Seth Miranda

Specialty: Technique

Sondra Miltenberger

Specialty: Weddings, Off Camera Flash

Stephen Johnson

Specialty: Marketing

Tauran Woo

Specialty: Weddings, Portraits

The Grondes

Specialty: Marketing, Business, HS Seniors

Vanessa Joy

Specialty: Marketing, Weddings, Social Media, Lighting, Posing

Zsa’nee Gaines

Specialty: Portraits

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April 22-25 2024 | St. Louis MO.


Beginner: Just starting out or relatively new to a given subject matter. Basics will be covered and the course will move at a slower pace. The instructor will spend a little more time trying to explain concepts to ensure everyone is following. On a scale of 1-10 consider this level a 1-3 on the given topic.

Intermediate: Has a grasp of some basic concepts. This course level will move at a faster pace and assume you have basic knowledge covered on the given subject matter. On a scale of 1-10 consider this level a 4-6 on the given topic.

Advanced: You have working knowledge of the given subject matter, but are looking for more fine-tuning and some advanced topics to take your work to that next level. DO NOT expect instructors to explain basic concepts in this course. On a scale of 1-10 consider this level a 7-10 on the given topic.

Class Types


These are shooting courses. You will be shooting and working. Bring your camera, gear, or whatever you need for the course and to create create images. Expect to have some level of shooting.

Live Demonstration

These are instructor-led courses where you will see a live demonstration of what the instructor is teaching. You can still bring your camera to these courses and you can photograph, but the goal of the course is NOT for you to shoot or to ensure you get a shot. The goal is for you to see how and why the instructor does what he/she does in order to get the final result.


These are non-shooting courses. Typically classroom-based, bring your laptop and notepad and focus on learning!