Model Submission

Want to model at ShutterFest?

We are looking for new and experienced models of all ages, all sizes and all heights to join our Rent-A-Human modeling program at ShutterFest this year! We are in need of models who are enthusiastic, energetic and willing to work with our photographers to get AMAZING shots.

Rent-A-Human (aka RAH) is our modeling and portfolio building program at the event. Since ShutterFest is a hands-on shooting conference, there is a huge need for lots and lots of models. This year, we will have around 200 spots for modeling at the event across all different genres: bride, groom, weddings, engagement, high school seniors, families, babies, children, glamour, boudoir, fashion, general portraits, fitness and same-sex.

Here is what’s in it for you:

As a model at ShutterFest, you will have access to the following:

  • over 2,000 professional photographers
  • imagery to build and upgrade your portfolio
  • professional hair and makeup artists
  • top talent competition where you can win cash prizes and magazine publications

Models will be needed on April 2-4, 2024 at Union Station in downtown St Louis, MO. Additional models may be needed on April 5th, and will be contacted once we know more about the classes that day. 

We have one request: be responsible. If you commit to ShutterFest, BE THERE! 

Learn more about the event – click here.

Apply to model

Spots are limited to 200 this year to ensure everyone has a great experience.
Applications close on October 26, 2023.

SF24 Model Application
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Can we contact you to model on April 5th if needed?
We will need models on April 5th for SF+, an extra day of classes for a smaller number of attendees. Depending on attendance and speaker needs, we will reach out to available models as needed.
Categories you are willing to model for:

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Upload ONE image for use in the model directory.

Maximum file size: 6MB

Max file size: 6MB

Image guidelines:

  • Selfies and non-professional photos are OK.
  • NO social media/Snapchat filters.
  • Professional photos are OK.
  • If these guidelines are not followed, we may reject your application.


Beginner: Just starting out or relatively new to a given subject matter. Basics will be covered and the course will move at a slower pace. The instructor will spend a little more time trying to explain concepts to ensure everyone is following. On a scale of 1-10 consider this level a 1-3 on the given topic.

Intermediate: Has a grasp of some basic concepts. This course level will move at a faster pace and assume you have basic knowledge covered on the given subject matter. On a scale of 1-10 consider this level a 4-6 on the given topic.

Advanced: You have working knowledge of the given subject matter, but are looking for more fine-tuning and some advanced topics to take your work to that next level. DO NOT expect instructors to explain basic concepts in this course. On a scale of 1-10 consider this level a 7-10 on the given topic.

Class Types


These are shooting courses. You will be shooting and working. Bring your camera, gear, or whatever you need for the course and to create create images. Expect to have some level of shooting.

Live Demonstration

These are instructor-led courses where you will see a live demonstration of what the instructor is teaching. You can still bring your camera to these courses and you can photograph, but the goal of the course is NOT for you to shoot or to ensure you get a shot. The goal is for you to see how and why the instructor does what he/she does in order to get the final result.


These are non-shooting courses. Typically classroom-based, bring your laptop and notepad and focus on learning!