The Headshot Redefined

20 years ago a headshot was the calling card for every actor with the desire to make it in Hollywood or on Broadway. Peter Hurley’s photographic journey began capturing these up and comers as they set forth to pursue their dreams. Little did Hurley know that a fundamental shift was about to occur as social media shed new light on the need for a quality profile picture and the pool of people searching for these talented headshot specialists exploded. The Headshot has been redefined and headshot photography is now producing 6 figure incomes for many of those who have honed this craft.

Peter is so excited to be back at ShutterFest to give his lecture: The Headshot Redefined. Which is his take on how headshot photography has evolved and why so many of his students are using his techniques to capture a piece of this growing pie. The author of “The Headshot,” Hurley coaches the largest team of headshot photographers in the world through his Headshot Crew coaching/referral program and in this class he will be redefining what a headshot is in 2019. He’ll delve into why a simple recipe could mean all the difference in getting your foot in the door of this growing genre of portraiture. From his signature lighting, posing and directing techniques everything is fair game and you’ll get slew of wisdom from the leader in the headshot industry. Whether you want to venture into a headshot business yourself or just pull the best out of anyone that steps foot in front of your camera this class is for you.


Peter Hurley