Pricing & Packaging 2.0

The market has changed and so must your pricing and packaging. Sure, you watched Sal on CreativeLive, but that was 5 years ago! Innovate or Die is the mantra and during this time, Sal has changed his marketing, his style, his client offerings, and the overall way he runs Salvatore Cincotta Photography. Sal will be covering pricing basics – everything you need to know for the basics of how you should price your work. In addition, Sal will be covering his package structure for Seniors, Weddings, Families, and Portraits. What about those deadly digital files the clients always want? Sal will be discussing how and when he gives away digital files, edited digital files, etc.
Other topics covered:
· How to maximize online sales with out of town clients or friends and family orders
· Booking through Skype
· New products and services being offered to clients and how to price them
· Managing the client experience through automation


Sal Cincotta