Marketing: The Only Way to Make Money

In today’s extremely competitive landscape standing out from the crowd is a daunting task for any small business owner. Generating new business is more than just waiting for referrals to come in. In this class, Sal will dive into new marketing ideas, concepts, and execution plans to help you and your business grow immediately.

If you want new clients and clients that will spend the money you want to charge – this is a must attend class. If you don’t know what some of the topics below mean – THIS IS A MUST ATTEND CLASS!

Topics covered include:

Facebook Advertising
Google AdWords
Organic Marketing
Lead Generation
Lead Nurturing
Lead Conversion
Campaigns – CTA
Campaigns – Awareness
Campaigns – Lead Magnets
DRIP Marketing Strategies and Tactics
And more!

You will leave with your mind opened to the new world of marketing and how you can control your financial destiny.


Sal Cincotta