Headshot Career Startup

As we all know, it’s very easy for one to pick up a camera for the first time and fall in love with photography. We’ve all felt that shabang’in feeling and if you are reading this then you most likely thoroughly enjoy photographing anyone that steps foot in front of your lens. At first, it’s a hobby and then one day the thought hits you, “Hey, I think I can charge for this!” It could be a kid’s session or a family portrait that gets the ball rolling for you. However, in order to turn this killer hobby that we all love into a business, we need to figure out how to milk that camera for everything it’s worth.

Peter Hurley built his career from scratch and shot everything that came down the pike before setting his sights on headshot photography. He firmly believes that if you are going to play the portrait photographer game, then without a doubt headshots should be on your list of available services. Headshot photography is a growing field that requires a unique skill set comprised of the combination of technical know-how coupled with your ability to direct your subject. In this class, Peter will run through his process that propelled him to become the leader in this industry. He’ll go through how to get started with building your kit as well as directing your subject and creating a consistent look that gets you booked. If you enjoy photographing humans and would consider adding headshot photography to your list of services then this class is definitely for you!


Peter Hurley